We experience, and perceive, create beliefs, mentalities, fears, and our entire reality. We realize what we’ve created and our power to change it, so we begin the healing process while still holding on to certain fears because we are too afraid to let go. The thought of taking our guards down in certain areas is too much, it’s too scary, we freeze, we stop there and skip to another aspect of our healing. Just imagine the freedom of being unafraid. Imagine the freedom in trusting completely. Imagine the freedom in giving it all up and saying “fuck it, I’m gonna trust and let myself live.” We hold onto these things because we think if we let go then automatically we are in danger, but we are the danger, we endanger our own peace, joy, and love with armor we think we’re wearing to protect it. We think our shields are up to guard our hearts and our minds and our own sanity, but those very shields are preventing all the peace, love, and joy we are capable of having from ever entering. When we stop giving power to fear, we can have all our trust and faith in love. When we stop giving our power to fear, we are free.

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